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What is an Expungement? Date: January 15, 2021

What is an Expungement? If you’ve been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor, you likely have a blemish on your criminal record. That blemish can cause problems with job applications and many other essential aspects of your life. However, if you currently have a felony or misdemeanor charge making it difficult for you to move forward in your life...Read More

5 Qualities to Look for In a Criminal Defense Attorney Date: December 15, 2020

Deciding on a criminal attorney to represent you can be a complicated process. It is essential to know what criminal defense attorney qualities to look for when making your decision. 1. Experience Whether it is an OVI, drug crime, felony, or misdemeanor, criminal charges can negatively impact your life in many ways. Having a knowledgeable and s...Read More

Ten Ways The Best Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help You Date: October 8, 2020

The criminal law is complicated - The Best Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help You If you’ve been charged with a crime in Ohio, you want an experienced and well-connected criminal defense lawyer. Many are slow to hire a lawyer for a criminal case for a variety of reasons, whether fear of the cost or because they believe that they can handle the sit...Read More

They Didn’t Read Me My Miranda Rights. Is My Case Dismissed? Date: January 6, 2020

“You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. Do you understand the rights I have just read to you? With these rights in mind, do you wish to speak to me?”           ...Read More

What is a “Terry” Stop? Date: January 6, 2020

Bob had just come home from college to his hometown in Willoughby, Ohio and was enjoying a night out on the town in the newly revamped “flats” in Cleveland, Ohio with his old high school friends.  Unfortunately, the night out turned a little rambunctious while walking between bars when one of Bob’s old friends decided to throw a beer bottl...Read More

Gun Rights in Cleveland Ohio Date: January 6, 2020

Cleveland, Ohio is a good example of the dueling battle between local control and state control over gun laws.  House Bill 347, passed in 2006 after overriding the governor’s veto, required all gun rights in Ohio be uniform across the state.  This meant that any ordinance passed by local cities or townships would be invalid.      ...Read More

CDLs and OVIs/DUIs in Ohio Date: January 6, 2020

I received an OVI charge over the weekend, but my job is driving a commercial vehicle.  How long before I can go back to work?             That depends.  First, were you driving the commercial vehicle or a non-commercial vehicle?  If it was a non-commercial vehicle and you submitted to the requested chemical test (typically a...Read More

CCW Laws in Ohio Date: January 6, 2020

Previous articles on this site have discussed how to obtain a CCW and applicable gun rights in Cleveland, Ohio.  What about the rest of Ohio?              Open carry is legal in Ohio without a permit, except in vehicles, on the premises of businesses that sell alcohol, school safety zones and some other areas.  That does not ...Read More

About the Willoughby Municipal Court Date: January 6, 2020

            At the end of the strip in downtown Willoughby sits a majestic and relatively new building.  Inside the building you will find all the hustle and bustle of a very busy municipal court, presided over by Judge Marisa L. Cornachio.  Judge Cornachio was elected in 2018 and her term will last for six years.       ...Read More

About the Painesville Municipal Court Date: January 6, 2020

Creative sentencing.  That is the most common phrase associated with the retired Painesville Municipal Court Judge Michael Cicconetti.  Throughout his time on the bench, Judge Cicconetti sentenced many defendants to unique sentences.  For example, one woman charged with assault for spraying someone with pepper spray was given the option to hav...Read More

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