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Cleveland Assault Defense Lawyer

Have You Been Charged With or Accused of Assault in the Cleveland Area and Are Looking for a Relentless, Experienced and Efficient Cleveland Assault Defense Lawyer to Help Resolve Your Case Quickly so You Can Move Forward in Your Life as Soon as Possible?

Why Choose Bangerter Law To Resolve Your Assault Charges Case?

  • I Know How Prosecutors Work and Think Because I Was One – For years I worked as an assistant state prosecutor and know how to deal with them to get you the best possible outcome.
  • Highly Reviewed & Rated – 10.0/10.0 with 5-Star rating on respected legal website Avvo.
  • Extraordinary Experience – Mr. Bangerter has tried hundreds of cases of most every type of crime. His record of success speaks for itself and clients rarely get jail time.
  • Privacy – We safeguard your identity, the details of your case, and our strategy to protect your reputation.
  • Highly Responsive – We pride ourselves in fast response times when communicating with our clients. We will never let your questions or concerns go unaddressed.
  • Efficient – Our approach focuses on efficiency and speed to resolve cases as quickly as we can so you can put this situation behind you.
  • No Case Is Too Difficult or Complex – This is where tenacity and knowledge of the law matters. We do what is necessary even in difficult cases.
  • Straight Shooters – Your situation requires honesty from both me and you. I’ll tell you what you need to know, not necessarily what you want to hear. Our approach focuses on efficiency and speed to resolve cases as quickly as we can to get your life back to normal sooner.
  • Caring & Compassionate (truly) – I truly understand the complications that Felony Charges can bring upon an individual and their family.
  • We Keep You Updated – Transparency is key. We want you to know what’s happening with your case at all points in the process.
  • Flexible Meeting Times – To accommodate your busy schedule.
  • Where We Serve You – Our office is in Willoughby, but we accept cases throughout the Cleveland area.

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Aspects of Assault We Assist You With

Whether you face charges for physical assault, vehicular assault or sexual assault, you cannot afford to proceed without the help of an experienced Assault Attorney. All of these crimes carry heavy penalties that can deprive you of your freedom for a lengthy period of time. I have defended clients against many types of assault charges including those listed below:

  • Assault
  • Reckless assault of a child
  • Vehicular assault
  • Gang related crimes
  • Aggravated vehicular assault
  • Aggravated assault upon an elderly person
  • Assault on a judge
  • Assault on a peace officer, police officer, firefighter or emergency medical services professional
  • Aggravated assault upon a police officer or peace officer

Assault & Threats

An assault charge deals with an allegation that someone applied force to another person without their consent. Conduct which constitutes an assault can be as little as a shove or push or much more serious physical contact such as a punch or choking. Assaults that result in bodily harm or that involve the use of a weapon are more serious and carry with them more serious penalties upon conviction.

Threatening charges involve words spoken that amount to a threat to cause a person bodily harm or death. It is the words uttered that make out the offence and there is no requirement for any physical interaction to occur for there to be a criminal charge. The person hearing or receiving the threats need not be the person who is the target or focus of the threats for the offence to be made out.

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Client Reviews – Bangerter Law

Actual Words Clients Have Used To Describe Us & Their Experience:

“Matt made the whole process easy to handle”, “he (Matt) prepared us for court and walked us through step by step”, “always had our best interest at heart”, “provided sound guidance to help navigate a highly contentious situation”, “Mr. Bangerter has a very kind professional attitude that’s full of compassion”, “he was always prompt with answering all my questions and concerns”, “highly knowledgeable, straightforward and professional at all times”, “we felt supported and a part of the process the entire time”, “most honest and professional attorney I ever had the pleasure of working with”, “always kept us informed of what was going on either by phone or email”, “we never had problem getting in touch with him”, “he was very professional and handled EVERY detail”

If these things are what you are looking for in a Assault Defense Lawyer, then contact us to see if we are right for your situation and how we can help you not only get through it but also live a happy and stress free life after the process.

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One Bad Mistake Shouldn’t Ruin The Rest Of Your Life

  • You’re worried about going to jail.
  • You’re worried how much this will cost.
  • You’re scared your boss or friends will find out.
  • You’re worried about going to court over and over again.
  • You’re unsure how the criminal justice process works.
  • You’re afraid about what is going to happen next.

A Serious Charge Needs A Serious Defense

Being charged with, arrested for or accused of any crime is not only stressful but has wide reaching consequences if your case is not resolved for the best outcome possible under the circumstances and evidence. Defense cases urgently requires an experienced attorney that you connect with personally, that understands your side and understands the law and the system to ensure your rights are fully preserved. Don’t wait or just hope for the best.

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How Being Charged With A Crime Affects You

  • Shows in future background checks.
  • Can lead to you losing your job and having difficulty finding employment in the future.
  • Can interfere with your travel plans out of the country.
  • May cancel government benefits.
  • For students it can result in losing scholarships or even being expelled as well as having a severe negative impact on your future educational and career opportunities.

What To Do Now

Don’t risk your future on anything but the best defense. Remember, I used to be a prosecutor. That experience has been invaluable in helping my clients achieve positive outcomes. I welcome your questions and want to understand your situation to help you move forward and get the superior protection and representation you or your loved one deserves.

Call us (440) 409-7898 or visit our office 4124 Erie Street Willoughby, OH 44094 with your questions, and tell me what happened to see if I can help. Or you may simply fill out the form above on this page. Your form will be directly emailed to my office and you can expect a reply quickly often within hours the same day. All information you share is confidential.

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