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How Do I Know if I’m Under Criminal Investigation?

Can you check if police are investigating you? How Do I Know if I’m Under Criminal Investigation? Typically, unless it’s an undercover operation, the police will contact you and ask you to speak with them. They may tell you that it’s in your best interest to talk to them. They may tell you they already know what you have to say, they just want to confirm what they know. They may tell you it will go better for you if you talk with them. Keep one very important thing in mind:

The police are allowed to lie to you!

The Ohio and United States Supreme Courts have said so.  You can’t lie to them – you can remain silent, but cannot lie – but they can lie to you to try to get you to confess some damaging detail.

If you speak with them voluntarily, are free to leave and aren’t under arrest, any rights you have under Miranda don’t apply.  Whether they read you your rights or not, anything you say in a voluntary situation can be used against you and it is very difficult for an attorney to undo that damage.

Contact an attorney before speaking with the police!

If it’s really necessary to speak with the police, an attorney can talk for you or set up a meeting.  An attorney can also start an investigation on your behalf.

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