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Can Police Search An Automobile Or A Home Without A Warrant?

Can police search your car without a warrant? What about your home? Police cannot search an automobile or home without a warrant, unless under certain circumstances. The fourth amendment and the Right to Search and Seizure and whether the officer would need a warrant would come into play here.

In Ohio, the police cannot just search a person’s car without a warrant if they have been arrested. However, they would be able to search the vehicle if it had been towed. They could do something called an Inventory Search because they would need the inventory of car before it goes to the tow yard.

Can police search an automobile or a home without a warrant? The Ohio Supreme Court just came out with a case where the police searched a car that was legally parked and found drugs and contraband in the car. The Supreme Court ruled that since the car was legally parked, the police needed to have a warrant to search that car.

On the other hand, if someone was pulled over on the side of the freeway and were arrested, the police would tow the car and if they did that, they would be able to search it lawfully without a warrant.

There are some exceptions for cars and homes but there would have to be certain reasons for the police to be able to do a search without a warrant.

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