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What Are Some Things To Know After Facing A DUI/OVI In Ohio?

Are Hardship Occupational Or Work Licenses Available To Some People?

Yes! However, it is ultimately up to the judge or the court that you are in, whether he grants that but the office of Bangerter will routinely ask for privileges to drive to certain places while you are under suspension and it is a pretty standard thing that they grant. Some things to know after facing a Dui/Ovi in Ohio.

As mentioned earlier, some courts frown on refusing breath tests and one of the ways they try to be hard on that is by refusing to grant privileges at all under a refusal suspension.

Does Ohio Have The Ignition Interlock Devices? Who Has To Have That Installed And For How Long?

They are typically six months to a year when someone is on probation. Some courts order them installed in order to get driving privileges while the case is still pending. After a couple of DUIs they can be mandatory, for the first DUI they are optional. The court can impose them at its discretion, but one thing the law office of Bangerter will work out, is that the person is not going to have to have that interlock.

Is Having An Interlock Device Installed Quite Expensive?

Yes. The client will typically have to pay for those. There is an installation fee and a monthly fee. It is another expense and another hoop to jump through to get that installed and get that properly working.

Are There Any First Time Offender Programs For OVIs In Ohio?

Typically not, but some courts have tried them. One of the issues with OVIs is that it is such a political topic. There is Mothers Against Drunk Driving and you have newspaper and media coverage. No judge wants to be the one who let the guy off and dismissed this case and then he goes off and kills somebody by driving drunk again. There have been some good programs in the past but right now there are none in Ohio for OVI cases.

Would A Typical Provision Be Probation For X Amount Of Months Or Years?

Yes. For a first time OVI, it is typically about $400 dollars fine plus court costs, driver intervention program, often some community service, probation from six months to a year, driver’s license suspension from six months to a year.

Those are some of the standard first time penalties, and if you have a strong case, those can go down, perhaps with negotiation. They can go up if it is an extreme case the other way. But those are typical.

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