What Happens After Someone Is Arrested For DUI/OVI In Ohio?

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What happens after someone is arrested for Dui/Ovi in Ohio? The records themselves are public so if anyone wanted to go look, they could see the records. There are some towns that have a local newspaper with a habit of reporting every DUI arrest so anyone who gets arrested is going to be in the next day’s newspaper with a picture and a report. Some towns do that, others do not. That is the risk of publicity there. It is not something that can be hidden intentionally, it cannot be sealed or hidden while the process is ongoing.

How Does A DUI Arrest Affect Your Employment, Friends, Family, Etc.?

With friends and family, it is potentially an embarrassment factor because those close to you will also have to manage dealing with your DUI arrest. Employment really depends on the employer. If it is a job that requires a lot of driving then they can certainly look poorly upon that and there could be some consequences just from getting charged, even if there is not an eventual guilty plea. That ultimately depends on every individual employer.

Are Commercial Driver’s License Holders Handled Any Different?

The DUI itself is handled the same way, but the penalties are much stiffer. They risk license suspension or sometimes life-time license suspension because of DUI. That is something you have to make sure they understand when they are talking about resolving the case in any way.

For obvious reasons, if their livelihood depends on driving and they have a license suspension or a suspension because of a refusal to take the breath test, that is one of the cases where the employer may very well not keep them on.

Is It True That Your CDL License Can Be Affected Whether Or Not You’re Driving Your Own Personal Vehicle And Are Charged With DUI Or Convicted Of DUI?

Yes it does not matter. If you are off the clock and driving your own car but you have a CDL on your license, it still affects the CDL. It does not matter if you are driving for work or not.

Is It Easier Or Harder To Defend A Client Who Has Declined The Field Sobriety Test As Well As The Portable Breath Test? Should People Decline Or Actually Go Through These Tests?

That is the question that everybody asks, “Should I blow, should I blow?” As far as being easier to defend, it is just like if someone makes a statement to the police. If you do not take the test, then the prosecutor will typically have less evidence against you.

Each person has to weigh how much they think they have been drinking and the reality that you risk a significant license suspension if you do refuse to take that test. In most cases, there are some courts that will do some stiffer penalties for refusing to take the test. There is no good answer to that question. It depends, every case is possibly different.

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