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FAQs about The Sex Offender Registry

Some FAQs about the sex offender registry:

What Is The National Sex Offender Registry? Does Someone Have To Be Registered For Their Entire Life If Convicted Of A Sex Crime?

It varies. There are three levels of sex offense registration. Tier one is for the least serious crimes, tier two is the most serious crimes. The tier three registration is for life, so the person ought to register for the rest of their life.

Who Can View The National Sex Offender Registry?

There are national and state level databases, and the information gets sent everywhere. Anyone can view it, you can go online and just search for sex offenders in your area and their website will pop up a little map of your neighborhood and put little red dots everywhere that a sex offender lives near you.

Does The National Sex Offender Registry Actually List The Crime Someone Was Convicted Of?

Yes. It will list their name, it will list their crime, and it will list the date. It will not give details of the crime itself, for example, if a person is charged with indecent exposure or public indecency.

There have been some cases where a person was drinking after a party and urinating in a park and got charged with public indecency. You also have what people would think of as a stereotypical flasher in the park, public indecency, and the registry does not make any differentiation between the two.

Are Juveniles Required To Register On The National Sex Offender Registry?

Depending on the crime, they can be. There are three levels as well for juveniles. There are tier one, two and three. There are some exceptions. For juveniles young enough, it is not necessarily mandatory or if they are very young, then they would not even be allowed to be registered if they are below a certain age. There is also a provision where a juvenile can either get reregistered as a reduced level or deregistered completely.

Juveniles have the opportunity to be removed if certain conditions are met and after a certain period of time, they can apply to be reclassified or declassified?

Can An Adult Ever Possibly Be Removed From The National Sex Offender Registry?

No, adults are stuck with it.

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