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What Are The Consequences Of A Sex Crime?

Here are some consequences of a sex crime:

The Automatic Stigma People Face When Charged With a Sex Crime

Quite a few sex crimes are some of the most socially unacceptable crimes that you can imagine.

Whether you are well known in the community or not, your acquaintances in the community could start having second thoughts about your reputation. Anytime the word “sex crime” comes up, there is some fear involved and there is definitely a stigma even just being charged with a crime.

What are the Consequences of Sex Crimes With a Conviction and What are the Long Term Effects on Someone’s Life?

As with any serious penalty or any serious felony, there can be substantial prison time. First degree felonies have three to ten years, you can get additional time on top of that for more charges, more counts, serious specifications, making the crime more serious. They can also face significant fines and registration as a sex offender, which could be as long as for the rest of your life.

Can Any Type Of Sex Crime Or Sex Conviction Ever Be Expunged Or Sealed?

No, not in Ohio. Sex offenses are specifically excluded by the expungement statute from being sealed, so those are on your record for life as well.

If Someone Is Found Innocent Or If Charges Are Dropped, Can The Person Return To Normal Life? Are There Any Long Term Consequences?

If someone is found innocent, they can get that sealed. If you are found innocent, not found guilty or not convicted for whatever reason, then that arrest and that dismissal can be sealed.

That is the first place a good attorney would start because that will prevent that arrest even from coming up in any background checks and raising any red flags with potential employers. Beyond that, there is nothing keeping anybody from getting employment, from living anywhere specific. The only thing that they would have to deal with is any community memory.

If somebody remembers that they were charged with something that is just something they have to try to work through on their own. Some people will move to a different community and for some people it will just die down eventually when it is not in the media, nobody will remember it as long as it was not a very serious case and then the person can start to move on.

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