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What Is The Best Way To Defend A Sex Crime Charge?

In this article criminal defense attorney, Matthew C. Bangerter, ESQ. explains you what is the best way to defend a sex crime charge?

Do Most Sex Crime Cases Typically Go To Trial?

Very few sex crimes or otherwise go to trial. It is about three to five percent of cases that actually end up in trial. Most of them are settled with some sort of agreement if not a dismissal. Then there is some sort of an agreement to reduce a charge or some other sort of plea bargain.

Is Self-Representation Alright Or Even Going With A Public Defender In These Types Of Cases?

Of course, anyone can try to represent themselves but if you are not a trained attorney, you do not know the statutes. You do not know the procedures and the way the courts work. It is unwise at best. In the case of sex offenses, there could be the need for DNA analysis.

If the prosecutor has a DNA profile, then the defense can also have their own DNA on the list. They can take a look at that and make sure that is accurate or find any holes in the case. In the case of child victims, there could be the need to not only hire but understand a forensic psychologist or a forensic psychiatric, someone to interview these children and can make sure that the children are telling the truth.

There are medical records if there is any sort of physical harm that needs to be examined. In these cases, there is a need to have some sort of expert on the case to give an opinion. So, it is very difficult for a person to do an excellent job defending themselves.

Talking about public defenders, public defenders are licensed attorneys like other attorneys. Their disadvantage is that public defenders do not tend to get budgets so they do not have as much staff as they typically need and they have very heavy caseloads. That is really the big advantage of a private attorney that they are managing their caseload properly, so they will be able to devote more time to each individual case.

What Is Considered A Good Outcome In A Sex Crime Case?

Generally, in a sex case, the biggest victory is keeping someone off a registration or maybe having a reduced registration requirement because even with prison on the table, the registry is the most burdensome.

You may hear people saying that they would rather do more time in prison and less time on a sex offender registry because it has that big of an impact on their lives. Any time an attorney can mitigate that or even remove that, that is a pretty big victory in a case.

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