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What Should Someone Do If They Are Facing A Sex Crime Charge?

First Thing to Do When Someone Is Arrested For A Sex Crime and Charged

When someone facing a sex crime charge the first thing to do is to call an attorney. The attorney will advise them not to make any statements. They need to protect themselves at that point as much as they can and they need to get legal advice immediately.

What Should Someone Do If They Are Afraid To Get An Attorney For Fear Of Looking Guilty?

First of all, the public perception is not going to change even if they have hired an attorney. When someone is charged for such a crime, there is always going to be a perception if somebody is charged or arrested. They usually say, “They must have done something wrong” even though that is not necessarily the case.

As far as looking guilty to the police or the prosecutor, it does not affect that at all, as it does not make them look guilty. Police and prosecutors know that a person has a right to an attorney and it is not going to cause them any problems or make it any less likely that they get found guilty just because they got an attorney, which is actually one of their basic fundamental rights.

When Someone Is Arrested And Charged With A Sex Crime, Is Their Life Over? Will They Be Thrown In Prison?

As far as worrying about being thrown in prison, if it is a serious case, they could face that. A good attorney will be upfront in telling then what they could be facing. However, there is really a lot of work to do to work through the case to see if that is going to be the actual end result.

A good attorney will try to talk them through it, prepare them and get the best result they can. In most cases, their life is not over but in many cases, there is a sex offender registration and it could make things very difficult for them for the length of their registration.

Mistakes People Make That Can Hurt Their Case

The biggest and really the only big mistake you can make is to not talk to an attorney before you do anything else. If the person decides they want to tell their story as they go into the police station, they submit to an interview or an interrogation without an attorney present, then that will generally hurt their case. So, the biggest mistake is not calling their attorney before they do anything else.

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