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What Is Drug Trafficking Under Ohio Law?

Ohio drug trafficking laws state that drug trafficking essentially means providing drugs to someone else. Technically, this would involve selling, offering to sell, preparing for shipment, or preparing for distribution. Any form of providing drugs to someone else could be charged as drug trafficking. Here is you will know what is drug trafficking under Ohio law?

Possession, Sale, Distribution and Intent to Distribute Unlawful Drugs

Possession would obviously mean that a person had drugs on their person or under their control. There are cases involving people in a car where someone in the car had possession of drugs. Oftentimes, the drugs would be in the central console, under a seat or between the crack in the seat or something like that so the police would then charge everyone in the car with possession. They would say that everyone in the car had potential control over that drug.

As far as sale and trafficking of the drugs, often times the police and prosecutors can be extremely strict. A person could be charged with trafficking just simply by providing someone else with any drugs.

If someone at a party had marijuana and passed it to their friend, then technically they would be guilty of “trafficking” a drug. This is an extreme example but when we get into court, it is possible for a person to be charged with drug trafficking just for buying drugs for their friends or for providing it to their friends, even if no money exchanged hands.

Penalties in Ohio for Forging a Drug Prescription

Forging a drug prescription would also be considered a felony in Ohio. It would start with a fifth degree felony and could go up based on other factors.

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